Editorial board of the Bulletin

Editorial Board

A. Epelboin & J.-F. Pays (editors)

J. Badoual, S. Blanchy, P. Bourée, M. Boussinesq,
Y. Buisson, É. Caumes, C. Chastel, A. Chippaux,
P.-H. Consigny, M. Develoux, N. Guérin, N. Léger, G. Mion,
F. Moutou, É. Nicand, J.-C. Petithory, J.-L. Rey,
F. Rodhain, P. Saliou, M. Savey & J.-F. Schémann

Scientific board

The members of the Administration Board (P. Ambroise-Thomas,Y. Buisson,J. Delmont, S. Blanchy, É. Nicand) & C. Gras, B. Mafart, J. Mouchet

Assistant editor and contact with authors

I. Borloz (iborloz@pasteur.fr)

Reading Committee

2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009

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